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Cigarettes, the bear i
In a forest, a group of cute little animals live, and this group of little
animals can be united! Once, they repaired a fox special for cheating money and
deceit. What the hell is going on? Please listen to me. The thing is this: One
day Parliament Cigarettes, the bear is
about to celebrate his birthday. He invited his good friends to celebrate. After
hearing this news, a fox with a bad stomach would crooked his brain and wanted
to take the opportunity to eat a big meal. But when the small group of things
saw it Cigarettes For Sale, they
had to cooperate with him. He was embarrassed to go to the ground. On the
afternoon of the birthday, the good friends that Xiao Xiong invited came one
after another, and gave the gifts he had prepared to Xiao Xiong, who was very
happy. "Birthday party officially started!" Said the bear happily, carrying a
big cake. There were nine candles on the big cake. The bear just put the cake on
the table, and the animals sang the birthday song "Happy birthday, happy
birthday ..." Then, the candles began to blow, and the bears blew out the
candles as soon as they were happy . Everyone applauded. "Brother Bear cuts the
cake!" Said the puppy Wang Wang milky. When the bear took a plastic knife to cut
the cake, the door suddenly opened, and a guy in a flowered suit with his face
covered came in a big swing. The bear asked in horror: "Who are you? Me, I don't
know you?" "Me, I'm a good friend of your father. I drove a long way to find
your father. I was very hungry! Take out the delicious food in your family and
give it to me. "" Okay, okay, I'll take it for you. " The little bear went to
the kitchen and brought out the food he prepared to eat with his friends. Seeing
so many delicious foods, the guy couldn't wait to eat. The kitten met and
whispered to the bear: "Do you think he doesn't look like our enemy fox?" ?
"Everyone was silent. "I'm going!" Said the bear bravely. The little bear ran to
the guy and said quietly, "Uncle, do you still want to eat, if necessary, I will
help you get it again". "Okay, you take out all the delicious food!" Said the
fox greedily. When the bear went to the kitchen to take things, he took a fruit
knife. He dared out and said to the guy who was eating happily, "You honestly
tell me, who are you?" The fox showed his true face when he saw the knife Carton Of Cigarettes. It turned
out to be the cunning guy. So everyone rushed up and beat the fox well. The next
day, Teacher Goat taught them a class, but he did n��t expect him to know about
it. In the class, he specially praised Xiao Xiong and her good friends, and gave
them a certificate, asking other students to meet bad people They also have to
work together like a bear. The bear happily walked to the goat teacher to
receive the award. At this time, the bear was happier than he ate honey. In
order to celebrate this big and pleasant thing, the bear decided to invite good
friends to come down. Along the way, everyone praised the bear's wit and
bravery, and the bear humbly said: "This is the result of everyone's concerted
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Страницы: 1
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