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save the person, b
I once read a story: A man and his friend went abroad for a trip Wholesale Cigarettes. On the way,
the man had a car accident. His friend knelt beside the road in the snow,
begging people to save the person, but no one took care of him , That person
died without treatment. When reading the story, the scene emerged in my mind.
Although the scene described in the text was in the ice and snow, what I saw was
black. The glances of people who beg when they need help are always full of hope
at first, slowly cold and slowly extinguished. So there was no hope in the end,
just because the sentence "must be fake." So, in the hearts of children, the
world is black. Since childhood, we have been educated: "Those who beg are
pretending, just to order pocket money, don't believe it!" Therefore Marlboro Cigarettes, in front of the
beggars, we will be affected by "education" and can't help avoiding it, I don't
know whether to avoid those few dollars or the sour smell on them. Maybe we saw
the color on them, it seems not beautiful, it is gray. To whom. However, on that
day, the day I saw different colors, I walked down the underground passage and
was in a bad mood. I felt it was pouring down and it was hard to move forward.
The road seems to be very long, and I, walking slowly. I looked around
unconsciously for some fun, but I saw a little girl, a very ordinary little
girl. The little girl pulled the corner of an aunt beside her, it seemed to be
her mother. What they were talking about, I approached, and the innocent voice
of the little girl appeared in the ear: "Mom, give me a dollar." "What do you
want for a dollar?" The girl's mother asked impatiently. "Mom, please, a dollar,
only a dollar." The little girl said softly. The little girl ��s mother
anxiously withdrew a coin from the bag, put it in the little girl ��s delicate
hands, and turned to continue bargaining with a small stall owner. I looked at
the little girl curiously, and saw her strolling to a short distance. The old
man seems to be blind. The old man's erhu was not good, and his voice was not
loud, so no one noticed him. The little girl squatted down and carefully put it
into the old man's small iron box with only a few coins, and then gave the old
man a big smile. At this moment, I seemed to see the color on the little girl's
body. The color that could not be said was as warm as the sun, as beautiful as
the flower Cigarettes Online, and
as soft as the silk thread. I feel that the rain around me has stopped, it is
warm sunshine, and even the colors around me have become warmer and more
comfortable. The little girl got up and walked to her mother. Her mother seemed
very annoyed: "Where did you go?" "Walk around for a moment ..." The girl
lowered her head and dared not look squarely at her mother. Her mother took her
hand and continued to walk. While passing the old man who pulled Erhu, her
mother covered her nose and said the word "disgusting" fiercely. Then, she
pulled the girl a little bit resentfully. The girl turned away helplessly,
looking at the old man, with tears in her eyes. I feel grieved at the girl. I
flipped through my pockets and had no money. That day, I finally understood that
we were not because of those few dollars and odors, nor because we saw the color
on the beggars, but because our world is a black that will not really love.
People, life What you need is beautiful and warm colors, not black, do you still
want to make this world uglier before you are willing to stop?

Страницы: 1
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