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als for junior high
It has been more than a month since I entered the middle school. During this
period, we learned a lot. Similarly, we also first experienced the learning life
of junior high school students! So, I want to use words to express my feelings
and ideals for junior high school life! Junior high school life is not as
comfortable as elementary school life. We are not ignorant teenagers. We should
analyze the reality Newport
, see through the confusing life, learn more and more nervous, and
the so-called playing time is less and less, learning pressure getting
biggerAfter class, we are no longer the children who chased and played in the
playground, nor the children who talked in the classroom. They are more silent
in the classroom. For a moment, the importance of the results is in our eyes.
Expanding several times, the results are already around the world at this time.
We must grow up, mature, and better adapt and feel junior high school life! In
entering junior high school, we must have new goals and new ideals. We must ride
in the blue sky and wilderness to appreciate that young mind Cigarettes Online. The rapids of the
mountains, let me fly, the success is failure, the maturity is childish, the
calm is the impulse, the anger is the joy, this is the true self. The ideal is
the navigation light in the sea, the spark in the night, the clear spring in the
desert, the brightest star in the night sky, we must have our own ideals, we can
not stop the pace of continuous exploration, we should know How do you spend
today? You must know what to do tomorrow, instead of spending your youth. It��s
a waste of time for us to carry the determination of ��Plum Blossoms from the
bitter cold��, with the perseverance of ��water-dropping stone�� and with The
obstinacy of the father chasing the sun, facing the sun, going forward forever,
never looking back, with a new and sincere new one, let us leave a colorful road
behind us, to find something that truly belongs to us mokingusacigarettes.com. Farther
away, in a place higher than the sky
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Страницы: 1
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