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"Future" is a vocabulary
"Future" is a vocabulary of infinite fantasy! For the future Newport Cigarettes, we have too much room for
fantasy, we never know what will happen in the future? But at least we can
dream, and imagine a better future. Maybe the future is not what you imagine
That way, but at least your fantasy can be regarded as a beautiful dream! In
this dream, you can do whatever you want, do what you think is the most perfect
you! "Future" is a focus that deserves attention, it is worth The climax we pay
attention to! "Future"-full of infinite beauty! Perhaps the bedroom is a lazy
child who does not like to learn and does not listen to his parents. Then I will
imagine that the future of me is a hardworking, hardworking, and Good daughter;
maybe now I am a cowardly, weeping, very timid girl, then I will imagine that
the future I am a strong, courageous, and no longer tearing woman; maybe now I
am a ren The little sheep bullied by people Marlboro Red, then I will imagine that the
future I am a martial arts master, let those people hear my name and not chill
"Future"-full of infinite yearning! I imagine that my future will be clear every
day, and there will always be a colorful rainbow like a lollipop in the sky; the
place where I work is full of laughter and has spread far away Far away; when I
go back to school to recall the past, I can hear Lang Lang's reading; when I
return to my hometown, the smell of flowers, the smell of the earth, the smell
of grass; the flowers The glamorous, solid earth, the tenacious grass; more
importantly, the children ��s laughter and joy! "Future"-full of unlimited
success and failure! When a person is born, he is destined to experience
suffering and suffering Newport Cigarettes
, because Pain is a required course for people to live in the world!
But also accept the joy and grateful tears of success. Perhaps the thing you
want to do today you have failed, but "failure is the mother of success", maybe
in the future day What you have to do is completed. There is a song that says
"How can you see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain." "Only
after hard work can we see your hard work in the future. Every child has the
right to fantasies and dreams! Some fantasies and dreams require us to realize
them one by one in the" future ". Some people say that the future It is a time
and space that I do n��t know; some people say that the fantasy of the future is
empty talk. But I think that as long as we lay a solid foundation now, establish
a clear goal, and always work hard and study hard for this goal. Then the future
is not a Without knowing the time and space, no one will say that the fantasy of
the future is empty talk. Let us work hard for that future goal!

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Страницы: 1
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