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From elementary scho
Fr om elementary school to now, my toys can be said to be countless and varied Parliament Cigarettes. Many toys have
long been lost and forgotten by me, but more than a dozen toys have remained.
The oldest elder is my Christmas present, the lamp, which has been with me for
seven years, but it has been sleeping for three years. My story with it also
started on Christmas Eve seven years ago: At that time, I was just a cute girl
who knew nothing. I believed in the existence of Santa Claus and shouted to the
outside: "Grandpa Christmas, I Very nice, I want the most beautiful lantern in
the world. That night, in order to let my grandfather give me Christmas gifts
earlier, I went to bed early. I ca n��t remember how much time passed. I only
know how I want to see Santa later. , I haven't slept. When I heard the
footsteps of "Santa", I was excited and nervous, squinting. I was shocked. It
turned out to be my dad, watching my dad put a big box on the table and left
quietly. I was crying, not because I was touched, but because I was angry. Why
did my parents lie to me like this? The next morning Cheap Cigarettes, I got up late,
and I was listless after getting up. I kept thinking about the ��Santa Claus��
last night. The gift opened, and I opened it: a beautiful lamp, something else
has already been thrown out of the Jiuxiao Cloud. The cover and base of the lamp
are pink, beautiful, and there is a transparent empty cylinder in the middle.
The Thumbelina who appeared in the fairy tale only entered the hut wh ere she
entered. Turn the switch on, the light will be on, and the white ball inside
will be flying all over the sky, so beautiful. Press the button again and there
will be a Christmas song I only heard "It's so beautiful!" "Dad, I want it too!"
"" Beautiful! "I'm happy now. I see their envious eyes as if I'm above them. As
for" Santa Claus ", I will forget everything. Now I look at it again, I don't
have the previous likes, but miss and love Looking at it, I laughed blankly,
recalling the childhood childishness, the kind of vanity that was satisfied, now
it seems ridiculous, recalling that "Santa" I cried again, but not angry, but
moved My parents planned this beautiful love lie in order to make me have a
happy Christmas. Now I can answer the childhood questions Marlboro Cigarettes. Why should my
parents lie to me? Because- love suddenly feels like a lantern The time is more
beautiful and heavier, why? I love to decorate it more beautifully, and it is no
longer a childhood beautiful lantern with a beautiful appearance. It contains
the love of my parents for me, and the lie of that beautiful love has always
been No one pierced it
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