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ust like a home
The "dingle bell" electric bell dragged the tired body and made the last hoarse
sound. The body was already stiff and the mind was paralyzed. I was dragging the
mechanical and heavy pace alone, walking in the pale rain curtain, no direction,
no destination, just like a homeless wanderer. The depression in my heart is
like the tide coming out of the flood gate, hitting my fragile heart, the tears
have slowly burst into the embankment, mixed with rainwater flowing into my
mouth, into my heart, bitter, astringent �� I failed the exam. After a night of
hard work and hard work, I got a broken dream! Facing the starry sky, a meteor
followed my tears, why did success always pass by me, such as meteor, come fast,
go fast. Could it be that my glory depends on the shortness of the shooting
star? Still, I did n��t deserve to succeed. When the tears were dry, I stared at
the bright moonlight, contemplatively ... the door was quietly opened, and a
coat was hooked in my father ��s arms, carefully holding a cup of coffee
Creeping came in. I do n��t know when, I have come to my side, gently put my
coat on my shoulder, and accompany me to look up at the starry sky, my father
said: "What are you thinking?" I was speechless, my father went on: "I know you
are Sad for the test failure! But you ca n��t be depressed because of this
defeat. Do you think this is your last test? No, this is just a quiz. You ��re
just not sure about it, it ��s not ideal. You ca n��t just because of this It
��s not good for the next exam, but it ��s not good this time. Let ��s work hard
next time! You must also remember: 'People can only be defeated Cigarettes For Sale, not to be
defeated'. "" Dad ... "I looked at my father, father His eyes flashed with
infinite care. "You see, this bitter coffee is not like the ups and downs of
life Newport Cigarettes Coupons, hard
and dangerous? As long as you have the courage to drink it, you will have a
deeper understanding of the plight, defeat him, it is very simple." Listen to it
, I swallowed coffee into my abdomen at one go, bitter taste hovered between my
throats, I tasted it carefully, my heart was very sweet. True love is a crooked
creek in spring. When it touches it, it is cold and refreshing. True love is a
breeze in the summer. It is cool and pleasant, so that the soul can be quiet.
True love is to stay in the autumn field The harvested crops are golden and
splendid Cheap Cigarettes, and
the joy of the harvest is my true love, which is in the comfort of my
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Страницы: 1
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