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dishes, soups and fruits should
Our daily meal is inseparable from a choice, which is the order in which meals,
dishes, soups and fruits should be reasonable? Many people are not sure. At this
time, these four types of food will try their best to promote themselves in our
hearts. "People are iron Cheap
, and rice is steel. I'll bear the brunt of food and clothing. I
don't have to think about it first." The dishes are naturally not weak. "This is
what time it is, what you eat less, what you eat more, what you eat first, and
what you use for alcohol. I don't say anyone knows." "Nutrition is all in the
soup. It ��s easy to choose me early or late." Tang Mantiao smiled and
continued: "Drinking soup before a meal is better than a prescription. Drinking
a few sips of soup before eating is equivalent to adding some points to this
digestive tract Lubricant can make the food swallow smoothly, prevent dry and
hard food from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, which is beneficial to
digestion and absorption of food by the gastrointestinal tract. If you do not
drink soup before meals, and do not enter soup during meals, it will cause A
large amount of gastric juice secretes body fluids and causes thirst. Drinking
water at this time will dilute the gastric juice and affect the absorption and
digestion of food. Therefore, some nutritionists believe that some soup should
be added before and during meals. Habit can also reduce the occurrence of
esophagitis, gastritis, etc. However, eating dry rice or hard steamed steamed
soup when eating is different. Because soup and steamed rice are soft and easy
to swallow because of the saturated water content, people often lazy to chew and
swallow food quickly This will increase the burden on the digestion of the
stomach, and it will easily lead to the onset of stomach problems after a long
time. "The fruit that can't wait can be said Online Cigarettes," Our common feature
is that it is rich in various nutrients, After use, it is beneficial to human
health. Our main ingredient is fructose, which does not need to be digested by
the stomach, but is absorbed directly into the small intestine. Rice, pasta,
meat and other foods containing starch and protein components need to be in the
stomach Stay for a period of time. If you eat food and vegetables first, then
eat fruit, the slow digestion of starch protein will block the fast digestion of
the fruit, all the food is mixed together in the stomach, and the fruit is
produced at a high temperature of 367 degrees Celsius in the body. Fermentation
reaction and even spoilage, flatulence, constipation and other symptoms have
adverse effects on the digestive tract. Fruits with many tannic acids, such as
persimmon, pomegranate, lemon, grape, sour grapefruit, bayberry, etc., should
not be used with squid, lobster, algae Eat sea food rich in protein and minerals
together. After eating together, tannic acid in fruits will not only reduce the
nutritional value of sea food protein Newport Cigarettes, but also easily
combine with calcium and iron in sea food to form an indigestible substance. It
can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal
pain, etc. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that after eating these
seafood, they should be 2-3 hours apart . Fruit with friends, do not worry,
listen to others, we finally found the right eating order: vegetable soup �� ��
�� food �� half an hour after eating the meat of fruit.

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Страницы: 1
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