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together and take ca
vI have a twin sister who is gentle, sensible, and attentive. I am pleased to
have such a sister. I have been studying in a class and a table with my sister
since I went to school. Sometimes even if we were assigned to different classes,
my dad always tried to find someone to transfer us to a class, saying that we
can work together and take care of each other. , Help each other and promote
each other. In short, we have many benefits together. We have become inseparable
good sisters Parliament Cigarettes, no
matter where we are, it is a beautiful scenery, which attracts the envy of
passers-by. I am proud of this. Sometimes, reality is reality after all, and it
is impossible to do everything you want. I remember one time, when Xiaosheng
took the first exam, her sister was admitted to a key middle school with
excellent results, and I fell off the list with a middle grade. In order to let
us study in a school, my mother tried every means to find people and asked them
to transfer me and my sister into a school. No matter how mother asks, others
always disagree. No way, my sister and I had to be divided into two schools. The
first time I was separated from my sister, my heart was empty, so uncomfortable,
I had the urge to cry, and I didn't want to learn. The same is true of my
sister, who can't eat enough food and can't sleep well. The most moving thing
was that time, my sister went home from school, so far, so hard to remember, and
it was the first time to go home alone, and the first time to leave my parents
At the age of eight, she was able to return home by herself, which required much
motivation. From this incident, I know that my sister is also inseparable from
me, which also shows that she has superhuman memory. When she got home, she was
crying so sad that she didn't want to go anymore. In order not to anger her
mother, she had to go again. When my mother saw that we couldn't live without
anyone, we were simply transferred to a school with poor teaching conditions,
and then we were at ease to learn. My sister is not only sensible, but also very
self-taught Cheap Cigarettes.
Previously, her grades were below me, but now they surpass my grades. She
studies very hard and asks no shame, so her grades have improved by leaps and
bounds. Whenever I do n��t know the questions, I ask her and she will explain to
me patiently. The sister's handwriting was particularly good, and she won the
first prize in the calligraphy competition. Her writing ability is also
particularly strong. In the Peking University Essay Competition, she won the
third prize. But she was never proud, and every time her mother posted her
results to the circle of friends, she would never let it go. He also said that
the achievement of this bit of achievement is the biggest feature of my credited
sister Online Cigarettes, who is
frugal and crying. I remember one time, when we celebrated our birthday, Dad
ordered a table in the restaurant for us to celebrate our birthday and let us
eat. My sister saw tears flowing out of a table full of supper, and said, "This
meal is enough for us to buy a few books." My mother listened to comfort: "There
is no shortage of money for you to buy books, although you buy them." But the
sister still cried in distress, without raising her head. Dad saw this, and
said, "I didn't expect to give you a happy birthday, but it makes you sad.
Whoever knows makes you sad, and next time Dad will never come to the restaurant
to eat again, Dad knows that he is wrong." Responsible, the sensible sister
said: "I am not distressed about the money, it is distressed that you work so
hard to make money, don't waste it like this." From then on, my dad never took
us to the restaurant for dinner , In short, I am pleased to have such a sister

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