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Empowered Boost However, he trained on small Empowered Boost medium weights, having decided to check one
of the recommendations of Boris Ivanovich on the organization of training in
the transition period. I arranged this period for myself in December. He
trained as before, only worked mainly on 70-75% of the scales, lifting them in
the approach 2-3 times. Once a week I worked with a weight of 80%, lifting it
no more than 2 times. Slightly added volumes in the back room, mostly loading
triceps. To do this, twice a microcycle did a bench press with a narrow grip
3-5 times in five approaches. Yes, I also replaced the bench standing with the bench
at an angle of 45 degrees. At this time, I did not use any “pharma” (I didn’t
even eat vitamins), giving the body an opportunity to take a break from this
business. Empowered Boost when at the end of the month he did the driving, he
calmly shook 180 kilograms without a shirt. That is, the sports form was
preserved without loss. Boris Ivanovich was right again. In principle, I
rested, Empowered Boost preparation for the next tournament could start not
from scratch, but with the results that were before the last competition. The
second phase began in 2003, the first preparatory stage. As a basis, I again
took the calculation of the load in the press from the six-week cycle for MS Empowered
Boost CCM. The main working weight (80%) was 160 kilograms. The training
program itself was almost the same as before. I just replaced the bench press
with a bench press at an angle Empowered Boost in the layout of the dumbbell
lying significantly reduced weight. Prior to this, I was wiring with dumbbells
of 50 kilograms. But B. I. Sheiko in his article “Bench Press for Plow Lovers”
criticized this method of wiring, calling for it to be done more efficiently.
Therefore, the weight of the dumbbells this time over the entire training
period did not exceed 30 kilograms. This time I wanted to give more isolated
load on the triceps, due to the inclusion of French bench presses in training,
because I think that triceps in the competitive bench press is the main muscle

Страницы: 1
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